Vectorial Automation Europe

The first fast and reliable vectorial Control System




Easy to use

All users GUI.

All the controls on an unique page.

Adapted for all devices

Simply zoom with fingers

Vectorial graphics for all screen sizes.

Very reactive

Fast and reactive GUI

Our technology allows fast controls and feedbacks without delay

Open for all protocols

Developed with standardized technologies

Interoperable with all automation standards, and other control systems

AV control

Audio and Video easy control.

IP, RS232, IR control for all your AV devices: home theater, tv or multiroom

Heating and Cooling

Energy Saving.

With automatic and smart regulation of cooling, heating, and ventilation

Small and Large Buildings

Powerful control system.

With such a control system, whatever the size of the building. You can control everything

Collect and store datas

Data Analysis

Collect data, store them. And analyse these data to monitor your energy consumption.




How it works on a 2 dimensions plan fully zoomable without pixelation


Vectorial Automation Worldwide